Gettin’ Fancy

Works Design attended the Fancy Food Show last week, which was held at the Javits Center in NYC from June 30 through July 2.  We went to check out the latest trends in the food and beverage industry, and there were some definitely some useful takeaways.

To paint the picture for you, imagine multiple indoor football fields lined with thousands of gourmet food companies from all over the world, broken down by countries and states of origin.  Most of the companies were on the smaller side, with a majority being regional or small national brands, with products ranging from gelato cookie sandwiches to super hot salsa to frozen Indian food.  Really just an amazing experience, and highly recommended even if you have no involvement in the food & beverage industry. Great way to spend a Sunday afternoon in NYC.

When it comes to package design, we saw some very interesting concepts there that will serve as inspiration for us.  Below is a picture of a really cool package design concept, for a line of hot fudge sauces from Coop’s Microcreamery based in Watertown, MA.

As far as delicious and addictive products were concerned, there were too many to count.  That said, our team could not stop sampling a line of fruit and vegetable chips from Danielle Exotic Fruit Snacks based in Boston, MA.  Definitely worth a try if you come across them in your local supermarket. 

Click here to see a list of products from the show that won awards in various categories.




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