The Power of Protein

Trends show that consumers are looking for more protein in their daily diet and have been leaning towards Greek yogurt and protein bars. Clearly, food innovation managers (and beverage innovation managers) have taken notice.The latest player in this increasingly crowded field?  Why of course, protein packs.

For example, the new, on-the-go packs from Oscar Mayer that contain meat, cheese and nuts cater to the brand’s active consumers who are looking for convenient snacks to keep them going during the day.  According to Packaging Digest, The P3 Portable Protein Pack is being rolled out with a lucrative marketing campaign and is expected to be a driving force in the expanding protein-snacking market which is estimated to be worth $19 billion.

Food Innovation & the Power of Protein

According to FOOD, Hormel’s REV snack wraps sales approach $30m in first new month on market. These can be eaten hot or cold and feature a combo of meats, mozzarella cheese and a flatbread wrap, with 15-18g of protein.

The verdict?  These protein packs are an interesting addition in a field with rapidly growing demand.  For both children and adults, they seem to be an enticing option as a healthy alternative to snacking.  Expect to see more such products on supermarket shelves in the foreseeable future.


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