5 Designs We Love: Drink Packaging Designs

This year has introduced a number of unique drink packaging designs that deserve to be noted. In this edition of 5 Designs We Love, we will highlight 5 of our favorites.


1. Ramlosa

Ramlosa Drink Packaging Design

waRamlosa offers premium mineral waters. Stockholm-based design agency, Nine, designed the new low-cost packaging to replace the original glass design. They were tasked with creating a design with plastic materials that would still maintain the premium feel and aesthetic appeal of the glass bottles. Nine stated that “the premium feeling was achieved by creating a bottle that borrows form and shape from the world of old crystal glasses – but with the material that comes from a modern and much less premium world.” The new bottle also reduces the environmental impact and has even increased sales.


2. Water in a Box

Water in a Box Drink Packaging DesignWater in a Box is another company taking suit in reducing its environmental impact, while introducing a fresh, unique take on the “water bottle”. This drink packaging design features the simple, effective design by Designate. It relies on a simple water drop subliminally placed within the “R” and large “Water” type to convey the message. Each color is also associated with a different variation of the water, including spring water, orange and peach, strawberry, and lemon. The packaging is also made from renewable and responsibly sourced paperboard and is 100% recyclable.


3. Milk

Everything about this packaging is right. Visual Advice is the agency behind the creative new design. Their working model has the same dimensions as a two-liter milk carton and the agency said “it represents the content of the product in the simplest way, both through word and image.”


4. Juice Skins

Juice Skins Drink Packaging DesignDesigned by Naoto Fukasawa, this striking fruit juice packaging is currently only available in Japan, but we are hoping to see it in the states soon. The juice boxes have realistic fruit skin textures and appearance, providing a design that can’t be ignored.


5. Origami Tea Bags

While not technically a drink packaging design, we had to highlight these tea bag designs on the periphery of the beverage category.  These tea bags are too well crafted to just leave in a cup and forget about. As the tea infuses, the bird appears and creates a little origami masterpiece. Designed by Nathalia Ponomareva, the origami tea bags require very little additional money to produce compared to a normal bag and have already found a following online.


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