All About Club Store Packaging

Club Store Packaging

We are proud to announce that The Dieline has published our new article titled “Designing Club Store Packaging.”  The piece was written by our very own Kory Grushka, and features a nuts and bolts look at the club store industry, with a focus on club store packaging and design.  Below is an excerpt, and the full article can be found here.

Packaging for club stores is much different than packaging for grocery or other channels. The main difference is that club stores merchandize their products on pallets stacked with product, and the pallets create large billboards that can (and must) be used to capture a consumer’s attention. Given the minimal product assortment and the very large pallet displays, packages must both stand out on the pallet and communicate very quickly. Various rules of thumb have been established to capture the idea that a club store package must identify the product and quickly convey the core message. Whether it’s a “four- second rule,” a “five-second rule”, or some other rule of thumb, club store packaging must allow the customer to swiftly identify the product and the key selling points.

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