Brands Turn Up the Heat with Summer Products

It’s still only the beginning of spring, but brands can’t wait for summer. In fact, new limited edition summer products are already rolling out, and there’s a lot for consumers (and designers!) to be excited about.


Polar Seltzer’s® Cocktail-Inspired Flavors

Polar Seltzer’s® line of seasonal seltzers includes new varieties inspired by classic summer cocktails, including Watermelon Mojito and Strawberry Margarita. Hard seltzers may have become the official drink of the summer, but these nonalcoholic varieties are great for any time of day.


Bailey’s® Colada

Bailey’s® products are known as a great complement to coffee, but consumers are looking for something a little cooler in the summer. Bailey’s® new limited-edition Colada is perfect for sipping on the beach or outside by the grill.


Ocean Spray® Wave

Ocean Spray® has launched a caffeinated sparkling water line just in time for summer. While many consumers are moving away from sugary juices, this kind of light, low-calorie product is totally on trend. The packaging also has a fun and groovy look, which gives the new line a retro feeling.



Lay’s® Limited Edition Summer Flavors

Lay’s® new line of limited-edition chips are inspired by favorite summer flavors, including Summer BLT, Wavy Jerk Chicken, and Chile Mango. With packaging this cool, these chips are definitely BBQ-worthy.

We’re just now getting a taste of what’s to come from brands this summer, and there’s already a lot to be excited about. Seasonal products are going to really start hitting shelves over the next couple of weeks, and limited-edition runs are a great way for brands to get a little more experimental and innovative with their offerings. We can’t wait to see what other new products brands are cooking up for the summer!

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