Brands Release Sweet New Products for Easter

Easter is just a few days away, and national brands have rolled out exciting new limited-edition products ahead of the holiday. From classic candy eggs to novelty soda, these are some of the most innovative new releases that are worth checking out on shelf.


Jelly Bean Lovers Have More Options Than Ever

Dunkin’™ has just released an assortment of iced coffee inspired jelly beans in a new collaboration with Frankford Candy. Mondelez has also gotten in on the game this year by adapting some of their most popular gummy candies into jelly beans, such as Swedish Fish® and Sour Patch Kids®.


Reese’s® New Peanut Butter Cup is Perfect for Spring S’mores

Reese’s® is a staple of the Easter season, and their egg-shaped peanut butter cups are a favorite annual release. This year, however, Reese’s® is mixing things up with a whole new flavor that’s perfect for spring: marshmallow crème and milk chocolate.


OREO’s® Cookies & Crème Eggs Have a Tasty New Twist

This year, OREO’s® Cookies & Crème Eggs have a delicious new twist. In the past, this limited-edition release came with a milk chocolate shell. This year, even the shell is cookies & crème-flavored, a change that is sure to satisfy hardcore OREO® fans.


Pepsi® x PEEPS® = “Peepsi”

Pepsi x PEEPS® is a sweet new collaboration from two iconic brands that has already generated a lot of buzz on social media. According to Pepsi’s® VP of Marketing Todd Kaplan, “After what has been a very difficult year, many consumers are looking for new things to smile about.  So, to celebrate the start of springtime, Pepsi collaborated with PEEPS® to develop a limited batch of its first-ever marshmallow cola.” The soda will be available to contest winners that enter the brands’ sweepstakes campaign, called #HangingWithMyPEEPS.

Easter is just around the corner, and there is no shortage of sweet new products for consumers to try. Whether you’re a coffee lover, a marshmallow fanatic, or a chocolate addict, there’s certainly something for everyone in the candy aisle this year.

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