Brands Make this Thanksgiving Fun with New Merchandise

As we’ve said before, Thanksgiving is going to be weird this year for a lot of families. However, brands are keeping things light and fun with a range of new merchandise that’s perfect for a nontraditional Thanksgiving.


Shoppers Can Catch Some Z’s with Arby’s Deep-Fried Turkey Pillow

Arby’s is really living up to their slogan “We Have the Meats” this Thanksgiving with a deep-fried turkey pillow meant to be worn over the whole head. In a statement, the company said that “The delicious looking hat is designed so you can rest easy and comfortably after eating all the turkey (or Deep-Fried Turkey sandwiches) you want.”

The item is currently sold out, but turkey lovers can still enter for the chance to win one on Arby’s website.


Budweiser® Lets Consumers Lock up their Leftovers

It’s a tradition in many families to bake the Thanksgiving turkey with a beer can in its cavity to add flavor. Budweiser® is making it easier for cooks this year with a limited-edition Bud Can Turkey Stand, a special roasting stand with a place in the center to hold a 25oz can.

It’s also a tradition in a lot of families to fight over the last of the Thanksgiving leftovers. Budweiser® is eliminating some of that stress this year with a novelty leftover container that comes with a lock to keep out turkey thieves.


Stove Top® Releases a Holiday Fashion Line Inspired by their Stuffing

After months of working from home in pajamas and yoga pants, Stove Top® recognizes that Thanksgiving might be the first time many people are dressing up since the pandemic began. In a press release, Juliet Levine, Brand Manager at Stove Top®, said “let’s face it: the sweatpants fatigue is real, and people are looking for any excuse to get dressed up this year. We hope our Stove Top® Stuffy Thanksgiving Collection makes people look and feel their very best this Thanksgiving.”

Although most people probably wouldn’t think to turn to their favorite stuffing brand for fashion inspiration, this is part of an ongoing trend that we’ve seen developing over the past few years. Many food brands have been launching their own fashion collaborations, and for a brand like Stove Top®, this kind of fun novelty release can help the brand stay top-of-mind for shoppers outside of the holiday season.

This is an unusual Thanksgiving, but brands are seizing the opportunity to make it fun and memorable for shoppers with unique merchandise. If this is what we’re seeing for Thanksgiving, we can’t wait to see what kind of new products brands will roll out during the Christmas season.

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