Give Your Brand
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A brand kit streamlines & elevates existing and emerging brands

It’s the single source of truth when it comes to your identity. This kit sets the foundation for all of your other materials no matter who may work on these. This your brand mark, fonts, colors, support materials and proper executions.

Logo Design & Optimization

Our team ensures that your logo is ready for primetime and is flexible enough to seamlessly transition between materials and applications.

Type & Color

Choosing the right colors and using the same fonts helps to build your brand equity and ensures that they are cohesive no matter the medium.

Supporting Elements & Photography

Taglines, bursts, claims, textures, and mouthwatering photography all support your brand. Having these elements helps to gain recognition and allows for further impressions through different outlets.

Sales Support

Print and digital tools are essential in supporting sales. Your support materials should be catered towards a specific retailer or channel with the proper visuals and information to help you and your team drive sales.

Marketing Materials

Whether a brochure, rack card or even a promotional item, marketing materials are an extension of your brand. These materials help build brand awareness and recognition.

Package Design

A product’s packaging is often your brand’s first consumer impression. Organizing the perfect balance of elements witin a design is key to telling your product story quickly and concisely.

Web Presence

Your website is a hub for all of the additional information you would like your consumer to know about your brand and/or products and should carry out the same consistent look and feel as shown on pack or throughout other materials.

Take a closer look at some brand guides that we’ve developed for our clients:

Give your brand a boost

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