Better with Age?

As you may have seen in previous posts on “The W” as well as our facebook page, Coca Cola is celebrating its 125th year.

To a designer, how do you stay on top of such a globally recognized brand? Take a look at the new can set to hit shelves this Fall. You will notice that the can still features the solid aluminum background however, look at what is magnified:Who would think that a simple magnification would create such an impact? Not to mention with the enlarged “D” in Diet resting on top of the “k” in Coke, the full brand name is not revealed. Bold? Daring? I guess that doesn’t seem to matter–according to Ad Week (regarding the full brand not showing) they say that, “…the beauty of having a brand that’s already best-selling diet soft drink in the world: you don’t have to worry about things like that.”

So even though regular Coca-Cola has been releasing throw back cans, collectibles and limited edition cans, it looks like Diet is sticking to what they know and what has been working for them. The design is simple–even more so than before.


Is it safe to say that Diet Coke gets better with age?


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