At Age 106 — A Complete Refresh

Who is 106? Kellogg company! They have recently announced that their 106-year-old Kellogg’s brand will undergo a complete refresh. It all started with the redesigned website. This will be the most significant change in the company’ s history–so you know its big!

What else? With all of the changes one key element is a new tagline that reads as ‘Let’s Make Today Great’ making breakfast the key point in the brand’s image. With such products under its umbrella as Mini-Wheats, Rice Krispies, Special K, Frosted Flakes, and more, this strategy seems like a no brainer.

Second, visual graphics and images have also changed to become brighter, dropping the previous white outline stroke. The classic Kellogg’s script logo was refreshed to have more of a contemporary look.With Kellogg’s being ranked No. 34 and being the highest consumer packaged goods food brand on the list on Interbrand‘s annual ‘Best Global Brands’ 2011 report, they hope that with the update, that their rank may jump.

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