5 Tips for Designing Winning Marketing Materials

As a design agency with over twenty-five years of experience, Works Design Group has developed a smooth process for creating strong, attractive, effective marketing materials. While each client is unique and will have their own specific set of needs and requirements, here are five tips that can elevate almost any marketing project.


Go for Visuals over Text in Marketing Presentations

Marketing teams often have tons of dense information to present to buyers as well as other internal groups. Visuals can be a great tool to communicate these details quickly and succinctly without overwhelming the audience with a wall of text. This is especially true for presentations that include a lot of numbers, since well-designed charts and graphs can be very helpful for understanding statistics and complex data sets.


Find Ways to Deliver Multiple Points of Discovery

Just like with packaging, great designers can find ways to surprise and delight users with multiple points of discovery within marketing materials. For example, here is a folder that our team designed for our client Water Lilies. Instead of just designing a simple catalogue for the Asian food brand, our designers also created this beautiful folder with a compartment to store a pair of chopsticks. This kind of creative work helped to differentiate the client from their competition, and also gave the brand a more premium look and feel.


Distinct Colors and Patterns Add Character

Distinct colors and patterns are a great way to make a brand more memorable through its marketing materials, and they also help tie the visuals of the marketing materials to the brand’s packaging.


Think About Updating Your Photography

Strong product photography is arguably the most important part of developing great marketing materials. Effective photography adds appetite appeal, inspires recipe concepts, and generates consumer interest in the product. When looking for a creative partner to design new marketing materials, it can be very beneficial to work with an agency like Works Design Group that has its own in-house photography studio.


Consistency Builds Brand Recognition

By keeping colors, style, and messaging consistent across all marketing materials, clients can build stronger brand recognition with their audiences. This can include everything from advertisements and catalogues to signage and environmental displays.

Every project is different and requires its own unique approach. However, great designers still understand that there are certain elements that will always lead to better and more effective marketing materials. By keeping text minimal and opting for visuals, delivering multiple points of discovery, using distinct colors and patterns, updating the product photography, and building consistency across materials, marketing teams will have a polished and attractive set of tools to help them succeed.

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