5 Designs We Love: Valentine’s Day 2019

Valentine’s Day is an occasion that encourages over-the-top design, which gives us plenty of interesting examples of limited-edition packaging. Below are five of our favorite examples of Valentine’s Day packaging this year:


Oreo Love Cookies

This design alludes to neon signage, and the cookies are stamped to read “Dunk in Love.”


Hershey’s Valentine’s Day Milk Chocolate Caramel Kisses

This packaging depicts a romantic Italian gondola ride on a river of caramel. Not only does this fit with the Valentine’s Day theme, it also has appetite appeal.


Ghirardelli Valentine’s Day Dark & Strawberry Chocolate Heart

Ghirardelli’s limited edition box is both fun and strong, and definitely makes a statement among the typical red candy boxes.


Lindor Valentine’s Day Gourmet Truffles

This gorgeous box from Lindt eschews the typical red color scheme in favor of a pretty plum. The watercolor-style floral illustrations also give the box a soft, dreamy quality.


Godiva Valentine’s Day Masterpiece Dark Chocolate Ganache Heart Bag

This bag is simple, yet elegant and attractive. The chocolate heart is a charming touch.

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