5 Designs We Love: Peanut Butter Packaging

There’s a reason why peanut butter remains a favorite product long into adulthood. As a delicious and versatile ingredient for sandwiches, cakes, cookies, and even pasta, peanut butter as a category has come a long way since Jif. With tons of premium varieties to choose from, here are five peanut butter brands with great packaging.

NOKA® Peanut Butter Smoothies


Peanut butter is an easy shelf-stable source of protein, but it’s been underutilized for on-the-go products. NOKA® is changing that with their nut butter smoothies, which are a convenient options for the playground or the hiking trail.

Mighty Bread Co. ® Pistachio Butter


These small-batch nut butters from the Philadelphia-based company Might Bread Co.® are a step above your everyday grocery store peanut butters. According to their website, “It’s a tough nut to crack, but the bliss of these tiny gems is every nut lover’s dream. Mighty Bread® takes the legwork out of the equation and makes a decadently smooth pistachio butter that’s blissfully sweet with an earthy balance.”

Peanut Butter & Co.®

This packaging from Peanut Butter & Co®. uses playful callouts like “Yum!” and “Grab a spoon!” to demonstrate that it’s kid-approved and made from real ingredients. Even though marketing to kids is a slippery slope, the cues and subtle illustrations give it a fun feel but still get across the benefits.


Il Colle del Gusto’s® Arachidella

This packaging is simple, but perfectly represents the Italian landscape where the brand is headquartered just outside of Rome.


Justin’s® Classic Nut Butters


Justin’s® iconic, laid-back packaging has helped the brand win over thousands of devoted consumers. With simple packaging that makes great use of white space, Justin’s® is one of the most beloved and well-known premium peanut butters on the market.

Peanut butter is a competitive category, but strong package design really helps brands stand apart. Whether a peanut butter is more sweet or salty, chunky or smooth, runny or thick, packaging is the best tool that brands have to make sure that their products’ unique flavor profile appeals to the right consumers.

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