5 Designs We Love: Patriotic Packaging

4th of July might be behind us, but we’re still rocking our American spirit. Here are five of our favorite CPG package designs that wear their patriotism loud and proud:


Mountain Dew Liberty Brew

For a brand that favors intense fonts and electric prints, it’s interesting that Mountain Dew opted for such a delicate sky blue for their new Liberty Brew. To celebrate the states, the bottle claims to contain “50 flavors in one” – which, if nothing else, definitely piques our curiosity.


American Farmer’s Old School Movie Theatre Popped Corn

Look, he might have been a master of hat style, but Abe Lincoln still never looked quite this cool before.


Freedom Moonshine

Moonshine just might be the only thing that’s more American than apple pie. Born in New Jersey in 2014, Freedom Moonshine embraced the roots of its brew with this packaging that screams American summertime.


Hell or High Watermelon

This packaging from 21st Amendment Brewery not only looks great and tells a cool story, it also experiments with a distinctly non-summery color scheme – to great results, in our opinion.


Budweiser 2017 Camouflage Bottle

To honor the troops, Budweiser released this gorgeous camo-and-gold limited edition bottle in 2017. A lovely alternative to the sea of red, white, and blue packaging, this patriotic bottle is an excellent demonstration of a brand understanding its audience.

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