5 Designs We Love: Packaging for Plant-Based Products

With plant-based foods growing even more popular, package design in the category is getting increasingly sophisticated. Here are five of our favorite designs from plant-based brands:


No Evil Foods

Craft textures and old-world illustrations give a sense of heritage to a relatively novel market. It also gives it a farmers-market feel.


Mother Raw


The choice of colors and textures for Mother Raw’s packaging do a lot to immediately convey the “raw” selling point.


OKJA Oat Milk

This packaging is a great case study in ultra-modern design – it feels so simple, yet we’d hesitate to call it “minimalist”. The bold color choices, typography, and emphasis on ingredients add a really comforting element for consumers who may be leery about trying a new dairy alternative.


Good Catch Fish-Free Tuna

This design has it all – it’s clearly nautical, without being even remotely obnoxious or corny in its approach; it has great appetite appeal; and it manages to communicate a ton of information without feeling overloaded.


EatPastry Vegan Cookie Dough

This playful packaging from EatPastry manages to be quirky and visually interesting, without sacrificing its image of quality and decadence.

As more plant-based products are launched, there is no telling what innovative designs will emerge. We are excited to see what shows up on shelves next!

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