5 Designs We Love: Mother’s Day Packaging

Mother’s Day is right around the corner. Even though there may not be many mimosa brunches and fancy dinners this year, brands have long been offering well-designed gift sets that shoppers can send to their mothers as a sweet surprise in the mail. With this in mind, here are five of our favorite examples of Mother’s Day packaging that we’d share with our own moms.


Sugarfina’s Mother’s Day Candy Trunk, 2020

This baby-blue trunk from Sugarfina includes a wide range of sample-sized treats, such as robin’s egg caramels and peach bellini gummies. While it’s an expensive present at $195, it’s a very attractive package that is sure to impress mothers with a penchant for premium candy.


Baked By Melissa’s Mother’s Day 25-Pack Box, 2020

Fans of Baked by Melissa’s legendary mini cupcakes can now gift them in bulk for Mother’s Day. The 25-pack assortment comes in a cool retro box, with hippy-inspired lettering and illustrated flowers.


Roseur Fine Roses, 2020

While the packaging for Roseur Fine Roses isn’t specific to Mother’s Day, it is one of the most beautiful and unique ways to send flowers through the mail. When it’s impossible to deliver them in person, a box like this is sure to delight mom and make her feel special on her day.


KFC’s Chicken-Flavored Truffle Box, 2017

KFC is no stranger to creative campaigns that really think outside of the box. The company is very comfortable with playing with their own branding, and while chocolate truffles that are flavored with chicken seasoning don’t sound particularly appealing, we do love the way that they used the Colonel’s iconic outfit to create a formal gift box. Unfortunately for design lovers (though it might be fortunate for chocolate fans), only about fifty units were produced as part of a Mother’s Day giveaway on the company’s Facebook page in 2017.


Kiehl’s + Etsy Mother’s Day Skin Essentials Box, 2017

This gorgeous packaging was the result of a unique collaboration between skin care brand Kiehl’s and Etsy. It’s very feminine without being infantile, and the flower illustrations were reportedly inspired by the spirit of travel.

Mother’s Day can be a neglected holiday in the world of limited-edition packaging, but there is still a wealth of opportunity and great design coming from brands that want to capitalize on the gift-giving occasion. It only comes once a year, and what better way to show your appreciation for your own mom than with a gift that comes in a beautiful package?

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