5 Designs We Love: Meal Kits

Meal kit companies have been thriving in the pandemic as consumers get comfortable with the idea of online grocery ordering. However, just because these products are never on shelves doesn’t mean that these brands don’t understand the importance of having great packaging. Here are five examples of meal kit brands that have especially strong branding and package design that really help them stand apart from the crowd.


Sakara Life™

These plant-based, organic ready-to-eat-meals really stand out from their competitors with sleek lifestyle branding. In terms of design, the focus on minimalist black-and-white packaging with colorful and artsy backgrounds aligns the brand with other kinds of wellness companies like Moon Juice®, Goop®, and Lululemon©.



This curated service delivers grass-fed and “humanely raised” cuts of meat directly to consumer’s homes. The packaging for each vacuum-sealed portion includes a picture of live animals from the farms where the meat was sourced, which really drives home the brand’s commitment to freshness and sustainability.



This French brand proves that meal kits aren’t just for humans. This line of meal kits for pets delivers their products in adorable “doggie bags,” which are designed with simple illustrations and playful pastel colors.


Daily Harvest©

Many meal kit brands were founded on the idea of providing consumers with healthy meals that are also convenient, but Daily Harvest© really prioritizes convenience by offering a range of meals in cups and bowls that can be taken on the go. The packaging is simple, attractive, and unique, and it highlights the clean ingredients included in each product.


Patagonia Provisions©

This 2-day meal kit from Patagonia© is perfect for campers that need a variety of healthy and filling products that won’t weigh them down while hiking. Patagonia© has very strong branding across all of their product lines, and their design sensibilities really come through in this meal kit.

Meal kits are seeing a surge in popularity thanks to the pandemic. With such a huge selection to choose from, it’s worth it for these brands to invest in great design to make sure that they stand out to consumers online and communicate appetite appeal.   

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