5 Designs We Love: Food and Fashion Collaborations

While a collaboration between food and fashion brands can initially seem gimmicky, it goes a long way to show how strong the brand’s package design is when it successfully translates to apparel. Here are some of our favorite examples of food companies extending their branding into clothing lines.


Nike x Ben & Jerry’s “Chunky Dunky” Sneakers

Despite only being available for a few weeks, these funky kicks have already sold out online. In fact, demand is so high that resellers are fetching thousands of dollars a pair. From Nike’s website: “the Vermont-based brand has always remained committed to its core values of doing good and having fun. In recognition of that shared ethos, Nike SB is churning out a chunky rendition of the Dunk Low featuring hues and textures that mimic Ben & Jerry’s signature packaging.”


Adidas x AriZona Iced Tea Collection

This 2019 collection featured 10 designs, each inspired by one of the four most popular AriZona drink flavors: Lemon, Mucho Mango, Watermelon, and Green Tea with Ginseng and Honey. The two brands began their collaboration with a promotion selling the sneakers for 99 cents at pop-up stores, in an homage to AriZona’s famous cans. Demand for the stylish, inexpensive shoes was so overwhelming that the NYPD had to shut the whole thing down over safety concerns. Most brands can only dream of such strong interest in a new product.


KFC x Crocs Bucket Clogs

These limited-edition novelty clogs might not be the most attractive shoes on our list, but the collaboration does get points for creativity. If nothing else, KFC is always great at generating buzz around their unique and unexpected promotional products.


DGK x Nissin Cup Noodles Hooded Fleece

DGK is known primarily as a gear and apparel brand for skateboarders – ie., the exact kind of young crowd that would likely share a lot of crossover fans with Nissin’s Cup Noodles brand. Evidently, the partnership paid off – the hoodies are all sold out on Nissin’s online store.


Moschino x Budweiser Capsule Collection

This brand collaboration resulted in a 15-piece limited edition clothing line and two specialty beer bottles. The collection was even featured in the Metropolitan Museum of Art during their 2019 special Costume Institute exhibition.

Food and fashion might not always seem like a natural fit for a partnership. But when a collaboration is done correctly, the result can be fun, interesting, and strengthen the reputations of both participating brands.

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