5 Designs We Love: Disney Packaging

Few companies have understood the power of strong branding better or earlier than Disney. They are famously protective of their brand equity, and spare no expense when it comes to branded package design. Below are five examples of our favorite packaging to come out of the great entertainment giant:


Mickey Mouse Goldfish


Star Wars Coke Products


Created exclusively for Disney’s Star Wars-themed park “Galaxy’s Edge”, everything about these bottles from the shape to the text was designed to replicate the look and feel of Star Wars’ iconography.


Star Wars Battle Quadcopter Drone

Another Star Wars-branded product, but we couldn’t help ourselves — this is just too cool. The packaging even lights up and plays music, creating an unforgettable unboxing experience.


Moana’s Groundbreaking Packaging


This packaging made headlines in the design community for its use of sustainable materials – a major milestone for a company and large and influential as Disney.


Toy Story Signature Collection Space Aliens

Designing the packaging to look as if the toys were gazing out of the window of a spaceship is a very fun idea, and the retro illustrations and font are a nice tie-in with aesthetics from the movie.

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