5 Designs We Love: Condiment Packaging

Some of the coolest packaging currently on shelf comes from brands in the condiment category. From sauces and dressings to dips and spreads, here are some of the best examples of innovative and inspiring condiment packaging.


Brightland© Ardor Chili Oil

While most oils come in clear glass bottles, this premium pepper-infused olive oil has a matte UV coating to protect the product from damaging light. The clean design really sets it apart from competitors, and it imbues the product with a specialness that justifies its luxury price point.  


Chosen Foods® Classic Avocado Oil Mayo

This new packaging rollout has a lot of appetite appeal, with ultra-simple illustrations of avocados and rolling hills. While Chosen Foods’® old packaging had a more clinical look, this redesign gives it a small-batch, craft feel.


Mike’s Hot Honey®

This spicy honey has a unique look that is both high-end and retro, and the simple squeeze-top bottle makes it easy to drizzle on anything from pizza to pancakes.


Sauer Frau® Squeezable Kraut

Sauerkraut is a favorite topping for summer grilling, and this innovative squeezable bottle from Sauer Frau® makes it easier than ever to add kraut to hot dogs, sausages, and sandwiches.


TRUFF® Hot Sauce

The packaging for this truffle-infused hot sauce is simple and elegant, with a premium feeling that reflects the quality of its ingredients.

The center store hasn’t always gotten the credit that it deserves for design and product innovation. If you’re looking for CPG design inspiration, look no further than the condiment category. From hot sauce to mayonnaise, these brands aren’t just keeping up with trends – they’re starting them!  

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