5 Designs We Love: Bubbly Bevvys

Let’s be honest, you can only drink so much water without craving something different. Whether it be alcoholic or non, carbonation is a great way to have water but also adds a little something extra. Here are a few of the latest bubbly beverage examples that we are digging:

Libby Wines

Libby Wines has launched new branding that encompasses their approachable nature. From the cleanliness of the label and the straightforward color coordinated caps to the gradients used, these subtle changes go a long way. Not to mention, Libby’s branding illustrates an effervescent feeling much like what’s inside with a highlight to bubbles within the “I” of its name.


Onda’s Tequila Seltzer

As we mentioned in our previous articles on trends, the 90’s were back when things were carefree. One way to exude the carefree notion was through “surf” vibes. Contrary to canned seltzer competition using white or silver, this bright orange color choice takes that little bit of nostalgic surf style and mixes it with summer. The colors helps them stand out on shelf and poolside! On more quick thought- logo placement…its on the bottom!



Recess CBD Infused Seltzer

So not booze, but not just carbonated water, Recess is a hemp and adaptogen infused seltzer designed to be part of your daily routine.  The Recess can design is the definition of simple. Minimal text, solid colors with the occasional gradient- the packaging most certainly delivers on their calming nature and their tagline “We canned a feeling.”



Another seltzer experimenting with color, the truth is in the name- Fundays. Their personality comes through via the brand name and of course their sassy variety names. While each can may be different in terms of a bold pattern and color, there is still consistency in its minimalist brand mark and overall hierarchy.


Sparkling water made with organic tea, botanicals and fruit extracts, the packaging for the Sound product line delivers a fun retro vibe. Although the logo color may change per variety, their consistency lies within the placement of each item. The design is simple and easy to read but unique in its own right. Previously in a slim can, the brand has come a long way in finding a new home in a 12oz can and even bottles.

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