5 Designs We Love: 4th of July Packaging

When we think about brands releasing exciting new limited-edition package design, we usually think of the fall and winter seasons. But many brands consistently deliver fantastic seasonal packaging and flavor varieties in the summertime too, and the 4th of July gives them the perfect occasion. It’s such an iconic holiday, with fireworks, grilling, and that patriotic red, white, and blue color scheme all coming to mind. Here are five examples of 4th of July packaging that really knocked it out of the park:


Firework Oreos

Fireworks are a classic holiday tradition that provide a great visual for designers to incorporate into 4th of July packaging. However, Nabisco took this concept one step further by actually adding popping candy into the cream of these limited-edition Oreos, emulating the explosiveness of actual fireworks. This was a very clever move that delighted fans of the cookie without coming off as gimmicky.


Stars and Stripes M&M’s

By using stars for the peanut flavor and stripes for the main line, the M&M’s brand team was able to use packaging to differentiate varieties while also creating a cohesive and complementary look.


Budweiser Red, White, and Blue Cans

The color scheme here is far from the most ambitious design choice on the cans. That honor goes to the stylized use of the national anthem, which is a really interesting and moving creative decision. Budweiser has a strong American brand identity, and it’s a smart move for them to take a slightly more serious approach to 4th of July packaging.


Svedka “Party Edition” Stars & Stripes Bottles

Svedka interpreted the American flag’s design in experimental ways across a line of unique bottles, and the results definitely get us excited for cookouts and cocktails.


Covered Bridge Red, White, & Blue Potato Chips

The Statue of Liberty is one of America’s most iconic figures, so it’s surprising that we don’t see her popping up on more packaging during this time of year. This bag really has it all – the Statue of Liberty, the American flag, and fireworks all come together to create an undeniable representation of everything that we want from the holiday.

Limited-edition 4th of July packaging offers brands the opportunity to engage with consumers during the summer’s most important eating occasion. There is a good chance that backyard parties will look a little smaller this year, so there is going to be even greater competition for a place on the picnic table. Brands that go the extra mile to celebrate the holiday will have an advantage as shoppers are choosing what to purchase for the event, and we hope to see even more brands get creative and seize this opportunity in the future.

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