5 Designs We Love: Seasonal Branding for Halloween

Are you ready for Halloween? So are we. In anticipation of the holiday, we have covered some of our favorite Halloween seasonal branding and packaging designs.


1. Fanta

hp-1hp-2Fanta doesn’t need to change much for their Halloween seasonal branding and packaging. By simply adding spooky elements, like a haunted house and bats, they are able to create a Halloween theme in no time. The outer packaging can also be broken down to more easily dispense the drinks. After the drinks are gone, the box can be used to create a jack-o-lantern using the box and a night light or flashlight. This is the perfect way to attract both adults and children without spending much extra.


2. Lyle’s Black Treacle

hp-4 hp-5Lyle’s Black Treacle received a limited edition “Trick or Treacle” redesign from Design Bridge. The three tin designs can be lit from within to communicate with distinct personalities. The design agency faced the challenge of creating a Halloween design for adults that didn’t feel overly childish. What they created was a design that was so successful, they received the Dieline Package Design Awards for confectionary, snacks, and desserts. The limited edition Halloween packaging is designed to attract customers during an otherwise quiet time of year for the brand.


3. Godiva

Chocolate is the perfect gift at any time of year. Godiva has capitalized on this time of year with limited edition chocolate boxes. Along with the packaging updates, there are also limited edition flavor options during this candy-laden holiday. Godiva utilized the holiday to provide a candy for adults during a child’s day of fun.


4. Fruit By the Foot

Most children love Fruit By the Foot and the packaging is already perfectly marketed towards children. During the Halloween holiday season, they take it one step further with mummy, ghost, and Frankenstein themed mascots and seasonal branding. Not only does it make it more fun for children to eat, but it also encourages more people to give Fruit By the Foot as a treat during this time of year, as opposed to candy.


5. Oreo

Oreo took advantage of the orange and black themed holiday and changed their white filling to a bright orange color. They have also introduced flavors like Candy Corn and Pumpkin Spice to also usher in the holiday and fall season, but nothing remains as popular during October than the black and orange Oreos. The outer packaging also features traditional Halloween images and even the Oreo itself has Halloween designs imprinted into the cookie.

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