5 Designs We Love: Seasonal Packaging Designs for Fall

As we work our way deeper into the fall, there are many new fall seasonal packaging designs that beg to be noticed. We’ve highlighted 5 of our favorites below.


1. Essential Patch 

The Essential Patch rebrand was designed by Ratowsky Creative together with the Essential Patch team. The new brand identity, voice, and packaging makes the organic aromatherapy patches more eye-catching and approachable. With the fall season approaching, more people find themselves sick in the cold weather. These new essential oil patches can provide just the right treatment and because the branding isn’t too green or earthy, the vintage design makes them a conversation piece that more people are sure to choose over traditional medications. The new design was even recognized with the Dieline Package Design Awards in the health and beauty category.


2. The Tea Calendar

The award-winning Tea Calendar packaging was designed by creative agency Kolle Rebbe. They transformed both the interior and exterior packaging to create something we have never seen before. It is the first tea calendar in the world to feature calendar days made from tea leaves. During the colder fall days, the calendar can keep you healthy and on track with 365 days of pressed tea. And with dissolving tea bags, there is much less waste than with traditional tea.

3. Bzzz Honey fd-9

With the fall season approaching, we will all be drinking more tea and honey to keep our health (and body temperature) up. Bzzz Honey was designed by Backstone Studio and offers a one-of-a-kind design that allows the customer to open the wooden hive at any point. The packaging received a number of design and advertising awards, including the Pentawards Gold Award, and is something packaging dreams are made of. The nature-inspired seasonal packaging design is the perfect compliment for the limited edition all-natural honey jars and can just as easily serve as a gift for a personal or business acquaintance. This cool design makes for some of the best honey packaging that we’ve seen, period. 


4. Starbucks 

No coffeehouse can quite match the overwhelming success of Starbucks. Starbucks also offers fall branding that is second to none. Many fans note that the unofficial first day of fall is the day Starbucks starts serving pumpkin spice lattes again. The coffeehouse has capitalized on the fact that people like to feel warm and cozy during the fall season. Along with introducing new drinks, coffee blends, and specials for the fall, Starbucks also completely changes their branding for the cooler days, featuring red cups, updated storefronts, and fall merchandise.


5. Bath & Body Works 

Bath & Body Works capitalizes on every season and particularly transforms their branding for fall. Everything from their seasonal packaging design and storefronts to the scents and product selections change by the season. Even the advertisements and website are updated by the season to get people in the spirit and make them more inclined to shop at Bath & Body Works.

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