3 Innovations to Watch in the Frozen Aisle

Categories that sell in the frozen aisle of the grocery store tend to move quickly. Trends are rapidly changing, and brands need to adapt and respond right away in order to really stay competitive. With so many trends to keep up with, here are three innovations that could have real staying power.


Don’t Count Out Meat-Heavy Meals

Given the recent huge success of companies like Impossible Foods™ and Beyond Meat® that are producing plant-based meat substitutes, some industry leaders might think that consumers are moving away from meat on the whole. However, it’s important to keep in mind that in reality, consumers are getting much more specific and specialized with their diets. While some consumers are trying to reduce their meat consumption, others are on low-carb or protein-rich diets (such as keto) and are looking for products that can make meat into a complete meal in and of itself. Real Good Food Co.®, for example, has just launched a frozen lasagna bowl that replaces pasta with layers of chicken. For consumers that want meat to make up the bulk of their meals, this is exactly the kind of innovation that will prompt them to shop the frozen aisle.


Consumers Embrace the Air Fryer

Air fryers continue to become a major part of consumers’ cooking routines, and brands have an opportunity to reflect this in new products and in recipe suggestions on their packaging. Tyson® even has an entire line of air fried chicken products, which include nuggets, tenders, and fillets. Air fryers are convenient cooking tools that can offer different benefits than microwaves (such as crispier skins and baking functionality), meaning that brands can experiment with new types of products or varieties that may not have worked in the past.


Continued Work-From-Home Policies are Changing Eating Habits

With more Americans staying home during the day, on-the-go eating habits have dropped off. This is great news for frozen brands, who have an opportunity to connect with consumers that were not in a position to prepare their products before. Smartbrief reports that breakfast products have seen especially large growth, as hearty breakfasts are no longer something reserved exclusively for the weekend. “Bites” – small breakfast portions that are easy, hot, and filling – are really gaining a lot of attention from shoppers, and frozen brands like Jimmy Dean® have recently launched new products to compete in this space.

There are a lot of interesting new innovations coming out in the frozen aisle, and brands have an opportunity to capitalize on developing hot trends. From new cooking methods and specialized diets to changing eating occasions, consumers are building new relationships with brands that can deliver the most exciting products in the frozen section.

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