3 Great Packaging Innovations

Some packaging innovations are so useful and obvious that it becomes hard to imagine that brands ever used anything else. From better bottles to bags that lock in freshness, here are three of the best CPG packaging innovations of the past few years.


Resealable Cereal Boxes

If you’ve ever tried digging into a box of Fruity Pebbles® a little too late, you know that those cardboard flaps at the top of the box just don’t cut it when it comes to keeping cereal fresh. When Post released their products in new resealable bags earlier this year, it just made sense. We hope that more cereal brands embrace this packaging format soon, and that we can say goodbye to stale cereal!


Squeezable Sour Cream, Mayo, and Other Condiments

Nobody likes sticking their hand into a jar of mayo, and too many home chefs are familiar with the struggle of trying to evenly spread sour cream on a taco or plate of nachos with a spoon. Squeezable condiment bottles are nothing new, but it’s only in recent years that some categories have begun taking advantage of the benefits that this packaging format has to offer.  


Aluminum Packaging Replaces Plastic Waste


Plastic is a huge source of waste, and many plastics are unrecyclable. By moving towards aluminum cans, brands that sell water, seltzer, and other traditionally bottled beverages are becoming more sustainable without sacrificing their products’ quality.

CPG brands are constantly innovating, but the best packaging innovations are usually the simplest. A new packaging format doesn’t have to be a risky undertaking – if it’s better for the product, the consumer, or the environment, then it’s worth it for designers to explore how new packaging could improve the brand experience.


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