Works Design 2012 Holiday Gift – Our Very Own Brand & Packaging Design

Ta Da!

If you weren’t lucky enough to have received our 2012 Holiday Package, here is a glimpse of what our clients received in the mail or by hand delivery.  Amazing product, brand new brand and unique packaging design.

These all-natural carrot cakes were baked in 4 mini jars, and placed in a carefully designed package—complete with individual wooden spoons (for sharing) and a hand-stamped logo on the lid of each of the jars.

Nestled in an embossed box and wrapped in a letterpress belly-band, these cakes are as much a joy to open as they are to eat.

We’re proud to show off this latest brand identity and packaging design we created for The Cake & Carrot Company (C&C) ….and yet, our clients and friends were equally (if not more) thrilled to have received them!

We had a very short timeline in which to have this packaging completed. We’re very grateful to the vendors that we worked with to get each element produced with such time constraints. A Quick Cut, of Maple Shade, NJ was able to turn our custom dieline into a functioning and beautiful box, stamped from Neenah Classic Crest stock and then embossed with the Cake & Carrot Co. logo and crest.


The belly-band was produced by Colleen at Cleanwash Letterpress on Frankford Ave. in Philadelphia. Printed on French Paper’s 100 lb. Construction Line stock, she was able to achieve a nice impression that really brings the branding to life. On the day the cakes were baked, we hand-stamped the date on the bands, adding a personal touch.The holiday card and production notes contained within the box were digitally printed by our friends over at Garrison Printing. We were kept plenty busy while these elements were turned around to us. Debossing the C&C crest into each steel jar lid proved to be quite a challenge. Using a custom ordered aircraft-grade steel stamp, we found that we needed 12 tons of pressure to get a clear imprint. With each lid needing to be stamped individually while operating a modified hydraulic press by hand, Eric’s weekend was pretty much spent in his garage.

We were relieved when all elements merged seamlessly to create the finished product! As we work to expand upon the Cake & Carrot Co.’s brand, and to help get these treats to market, be sure to visit to sign up for updates, or visit the brand’s Facebook page.

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