10 Trends from the 2017 Summer Fancy Food Show [Video]



In our first installment of our video series, we take a look at all of the trends that we spotted at the 2017 Summer Fancy Food Show.

For our written coverage of the event, check out our article at: http://worksdesigngroup.com/7-trends-2017-summer-fancy-food-show/





It’s Monday, So You Know What That Means: Robot Videos!

Works Design attended the East Pack Expo in Philadelphia, PA last week. Among other things, we were there to check out the latest in manufacturing and innovative packaging technologies in a variety of industries, from pharmaceuticals to beverages. The event was held at the Philadelphia Convention Center, and as you can see from the picture below, there was a lot of expo’ing to be had.

While we took a lot of pictures at the show, we thought it would be best to focus on what you all really want to see…


And not just any robots: these robots are blue collar, manual laboring, factory working, SUPERSTARS. Here is the video of how this guy from Kawasaki moves Pringles boxes around:

Not to be outdone though, we were mesmerized by a robot superstar from the Swiss company Staubli. Here is the video showing what that robot can do with a few tic tac boxes:

If all this seems futuristic and wild to you… well, we feel the same way. And if this gets you thinking about how the manufacturing industry (and manufacturing jobs) will be affected by all these new technologies… well, we were wondering the same thing.

Click here to read a recent article from MIT on this topic.

Ad campaigns

In school, it was all about the “rule of three” when it came to an advertising message. This rule explains that in order for a consumer to actively think about purchasing your product or service you have to hit them with the advertisement 3 different times. So an example would be TV commercial, magazine ad and a billboard. Do you think that is accurate?

I know for me personally I can see a commercial and think this it is hilarious. But, whether I pay attention to what the product is is another story. I may tell my friends about it and pull it up on you tube but that doesn’t necessarily make me want to go out and buy the product. Take a look at this ad.

I was laughing out loud when I was looking at the Top Viral Video Ad Campaigns on visiblemeasures but is it really fitting to Evian? If I received a mailer and saw a magazine ad in addition to the commercial (rule of 3) would it have the same “purchase your product” effect?
Not so sure.
Is that the idea though with this particular ad? The water cooler effect–just to stir up buzz? to entertain?

GAP Inc. tries to fill its gap

As you may have read in previous posts, refreshing a logo, image or branding may be beneficial or detrimental to a company. Gap happens to have experienced the negative side of their refresh last year. After much flack and consumer complaints, they quickly brought back the old logo.

In hopes of regaining some of their losses, Gap is introducing a new ad campaign which will air on Gap’s facebook page, Pandora, Youtube and many more sites which started on August 1, 2011. This new campaign will give fans and consumers the opportunity to see the “behind the scenes” creativity and a chance to meet/see the faces of the brand designers behind Gap’s denim fits.

Since reality TV is so big right now, why not try this….right?

The ads promote Gap’s 1969 fall collection, with new styles and denim fits.
There will be a course of about 30 vignettes which covers the majority of the campaign, but will too be supported with print ads. The print advertisements can be found in magazines such as: Glamour, GQ, InStyle, People StyleWatch and Vogue.
Check out the first video:


To see more, visit the Gap company facebook page and while you are at it, Like us!


When you think of advertising whether print, radio, tv or online- its all about creativity. Which brand has the better idea, a bigger slam on its competition, a more memorable message. When I myself think of brand competition I think of AT&T vs.Verizon, Lays vs. Herrs, Coke vs. Pepsi.

Since I rarely drink soda I can’t say that I really have a certain side that I am on, but from a creative standpoint at this very moment–Pepsi, in my opinion, wins. There are occasional commercials that will really crack me up. This, for now, is one of those commercials.


I can say that I never really thought about Santa having a “contract” with Coke, I guess it was understood more or less. However, I definitely remember the Coca Cola Santa Clause cans, commercials and advertisements. Regardless, I think this Pepsi ad is fun, perfect for this time of year, and definitely going to stir up the competition between the two brands. I look forward to the response from Coke.

What do you think?

Hot Wheels Record Jump

Hot Wheels Jump

Watch Tanner Foust break the world record by jumping 332 feet in a life sized Hot Wheels car at the opening ceremonies of the Indianapolis 500!

Visual Life: Michael Wolff

Designer Michael Wolff of Wolff Olins describes how he views the world around him, and how an effective brand connects with its users.


Ambigrams by John Langdon

John was my advanced typography professor at Drexel, and as you can see he is very talented. When it comes to ambigrams, he is the world’s foremost authority. His work can be seen in Dan Brown’s Angels and Demons, and he is in fact part of the inspiration for the the story’s protagonist, Robert Langdon. Even the hair made it to the big-screen via Tom Hanks’ questionable quasi-mullet.

Check out more HERE.


Elaborate Phone Commercial

A very tedious reproduction of Bach’s Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring in Japan’s Kyushu forest.

Commissioned by the Touchwood SH-08C phone.

Up There: The Ritual Project

A great short documentary presented by Stella Artois:

UP THERE from Jon on Vimeo.

Concept: Mother NY; Production Co: Mekanism; Director/DP/Editor: Malcolm Murray; Music by The Album Leaf; Painters: Colossal Media/Sky High Murals/Bob Middleton; Presented by Stella Artois