Versatility in a bottle

When I think of summer I think of the beach, the sun, frozen fruity drinks and the smell of sun tan lotion. When that strong coconut scent fills my nostrils, I instantly am in the summer mentality. One of the liquors that also comes to mind is Malibu Caribbean Rum. The rum literally has that sun-tan lotion smell as soon as you open the bottle.

I have always referred to or thought of Malibu as a summer-time liquor just because I don’t really find myself or others drinking a frozen beverage or a fruity cocktail in the dead of winter. But, as it turns out Malibu must have been feeling that very same way– until now. In an article that I read, Malibu is set to release a new innovative limited edition winter-inspired coconut rum which will contain coconut flakes. The new coconut flakes are supposed to mimick the idea of snowflakes and too are reflected on the new label as well. Check it out.

Malibu in congruence with the bottle and formula, is releasing new seasonal recipes to reinforce its versatility. I will be curious to try the new recipes!

Is it that simple? Taking a product and putting a new marketing spin on it? Maybe it is–only time will tell!


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