Branding & Identity
Clear and cohesive branding is a cornerstone of successful business. Good branding should communicate the core values of a company, and act as a unifying voice that extends into all aspects of the organization.
With a full in-house photography studio, Works is able to
provide its clients with beautiful product and lifestyle photography. Proper lighting and top-of-the-line equipment goes a long way in representing a subject
at its best.
We are experts in storytelling with data, whether through infographics, or more complex data visualizations. We have worked with global brands and agencies to develop compelling visual narratives for complex data and research. Whether for internal use or as part of your public-facing content strategy, we can make your insights shareable.
Print Design
Great branding should extend seamlessly into printed materials. Whether creating business cards, letterheads, brochures or catalogs, Works excels at the printed word. We work with a variety of vendors to produce digital, offset and letterpress work, with the ability to add custom stamping and embossing for a truly unique piece.
Package Design
A product's package is it's most valuable advertisement. At Works, our goal is to help great products speak clearly and effectively to consumers in a variety of retail settings. Creative dielines coupled with smart copy and compelling imagery make packaged goods shine.
Works has produced a dizzying array of illustrations for a variety of applications. From conceptual sketches to final artwork for toys and packaging, each illustration is unique. The team has the ability to both reproduce illustration techniques from a brand's style guide, or create a one-of-a-kind style for a look that stands apart.
Product Development
The team at Works has what it takes to get a product from concept to reality. From initial sketches and 3D renderings to detailed production files, the whole process has been streamlined to reduce cost, and increase quality.
Web Design
Web presence is key to both gaining potential customers and strengthening a brand's image. Works strives to create clean, clear and easily navigable websites that are optimized for top searchability.