When you think of advertising whether print, radio, tv or online- its all about creativity. Which brand has the better idea, a bigger slam on its competition, a more memorable message. When I myself think of brand competition I think of AT&T vs.Verizon, Lays vs. Herrs, Coke vs. Pepsi.

Since I rarely drink soda I can’t say that I really have a certain side that I am on, but from a creative standpoint at this very moment–Pepsi, in my opinion, wins. There are occasional commercials that will really crack me up. This, for now, is one of those commercials.


I can say that I never really thought about Santa having a “contract” with Coke, I guess it was understood more or less. However, I definitely remember the Coca Cola Santa Clause cans, commercials and advertisements. Regardless, I think this Pepsi ad is fun, perfect for this time of year, and definitely going to stir up the competition between the two brands. I look forward to the response from Coke.

What do you think?

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