PoP Designs

So a lot of this blog and inspiration that we look at tends to be package design, advertising and so on. We never really mention or showcase any of the other types of marketing for example a point of purchase display (PoP).

When it comes to the idea of a PoP, some consumers overlook them, others find them very helpful. Did you know that there is a competition for these? Take a look at these below, PepsiCo and 3M were gold and platinum winners in the Convenience Stores and Speciality Store channels.


The 3M display shipper for its new apple-shaped Post-It note dispensers has an attention-grabbing header and the waterfall layering shelves that allowed the product to be shopped easily.

The PepsiCo’s Mountain Dew Cooler Door Oversize Bottle display is a large graphic replication of a bottle that used untapped real estate to draw attention to the brand.

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