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Even though we normally talk about design on this blog, we of course are always paying attention to new trends and new innovation. Although this may have been premiered a few months back, I found the need to share this new product called YUPOClear.

If you are in the design or packaging field, you know how important color matching is to your brand and its identity. You can say that your brand color is blue–but as we all know the number of blues out there are endless. This new technology is designed to provide a no-label look with the convenience of pressure-sensitive labeling. The ultra-clear label stock eliminates bottle-to-label color matching for colored and opaque packages, and it is 100% recyclable.

YUPOClear Attributes:
YUPOClear possesses the attributes that designers, brand managers and manufacturers require for extraordinary results:

  • Eliminates bottle to color matching – always exact resin color allowing your brands true colors to show through
  • Allows for multi-color bottle creation – not possible before
  • Increased label size possibilities – more space for brand message
  • More control over your visual design language
  • Like all other IML options, YUPO Clear reduces cost compared to other decoration methods

YUPO For Bottle Labels and Packaging

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