Works Design Welcomes Newest Team Member!

Works Design Group welcomes the newest member of our design firm, Maureen Kolodziej. Maureen will be managing client relations, marketing and communications.  She’s worked for national companies such as Toll Brothers, the luxury home builders, as well as local Philadelphia magazine. She’s also had experience at firms such as Star Group and Tierney Communications, plus the Philadelphia Tourism Marketing Corporation (GPTMC).

New Member of Our Design Firm - Maureen Kolodziej

She knows what clients want. And she’s intent on making sure they get what they need.  From conceptualizing to copy writing, she’s got a passion for creativity.  But it’s out in front of people where she shines the most.  She’s a team player who brings everyone together to ensure the final product is approved, awesome and on time. She can’t wait to begin working with you!

PoP Designs

So a lot of this blog and inspiration that we look at tends to be package design, advertising and so on. We never really mention or showcase any of the other types of marketing for example a point of purchase display (PoP).

When it comes to the idea of a PoP, some consumers overlook them, others find them very helpful. Did you know that there is a competition for these? Take a look at these below, PepsiCo and 3M were gold and platinum winners in the Convenience Stores and Speciality Store channels.


The 3M display shipper for its new apple-shaped Post-It note dispensers has an attention-grabbing header and the waterfall layering shelves that allowed the product to be shopped easily.

The PepsiCo’s Mountain Dew Cooler Door Oversize Bottle display is a large graphic replication of a bottle that used untapped real estate to draw attention to the brand.

What do you think?


More than design

Even though we normally talk about design on this blog, we of course are always paying attention to new trends and new innovation. Although this may have been premiered a few months back, I found the need to share this new product called YUPOClear.

If you are in the design or packaging field, you know how important color matching is to your brand and its identity. You can say that your brand color is blue–but as we all know the number of blues out there are endless. This new technology is designed to provide a no-label look with the convenience of pressure-sensitive labeling. The ultra-clear label stock eliminates bottle-to-label color matching for colored and opaque packages, and it is 100% recyclable.

YUPOClear Attributes:
YUPOClear possesses the attributes that designers, brand managers and manufacturers require for extraordinary results:

  • Eliminates bottle to color matching – always exact resin color allowing your brands true colors to show through
  • Allows for multi-color bottle creation – not possible before
  • Increased label size possibilities – more space for brand message
  • More control over your visual design language
  • Like all other IML options, YUPO Clear reduces cost compared to other decoration methods

YUPO For Bottle Labels and Packaging

Holiday Cheer

As 2011 comes to a close, we here at Works Design Group think about everything that has come our way throughout this year.

Even though they say times are tough out there, we have still managed to keep our doors open. We would like to personally thank each and every one of our clients–current, new and future, for choosing our team here at Works Design Group. You challenge and push us to make us a better team of designers. We are grateful for the opportunities that we are presented with and the ability to continue to satisfy each client that comes our way.

For 2012, with high hopes, we look forward to further expanding our team, capabilities and clientele. We hope to push ourselves further and showcase all that we are capable of here. We wish you and yours a very Happy Holiday Season and Best Wishes for 2012!



Alexa Meade: Living Paintings

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