Ivory Soap–before & after

Of course one of our favorite categories when it comes to design. Some people watch those “best/worst dressed” shows, or read those magazines–we look down the aisle at a grocery store or retailer at packaging.

Ivory soap–has been around for as long as we can remember.  As you know we are firm believers in keeping things new and fresh. This, for many brands, is a constant struggle. So for Ivory, what was the problem? Overall, the brand was looking to increase the impact at shelf with new consumers but at the same time do so without taking away from their repeat customers. What was needed is emphasis on the brand’s attributes of simplicity and cleanliness with an equally clean design. KISS–keep it simple stupid! Here is a look at the before:

So what was their solution? Add a pop of color! According to P&G Design Manager Sidney Fritts, “The new color for the original bar of Ivory is a vivid blue that is both assertive and optimistic. A vibrant color system will also help consumers to clearly identify other fragrances in the product line, including lavender and aloe.”

This use of color provides a backdrop to a photograph of the iconic bar of soap–which lets face it isn’t always easy to do. The new logo is an evolution of the Ivory word mark as it existed in the 1950’s, a tribute to the brand’s heritage. This new packaging also emphasizes the number of bars in each package – more than that of many competitors – through a clear window at the top to reinforce the brand value.

The new design promotes Ivory’s classic, clean image to loyal fans while providing a new pop of color to consumers still exploring the soap aisle for a new fave. The new packaging is also combined with a new print & tv ad campaign.  What do you think?

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