GAP Inc. tries to fill its gap

As you may have read in previous posts, refreshing a logo, image or branding may be beneficial or detrimental to a company. Gap happens to have experienced the negative side of their refresh last year. After much flack and consumer complaints, they quickly brought back the old logo.

In hopes of regaining some of their losses, Gap is introducing a new ad campaign which will air on Gap’s facebook page, Pandora, Youtube and many more sites which started on August 1, 2011. This new campaign will give fans and consumers the opportunity to see the “behind the scenes” creativity and a chance to meet/see the faces of the brand designers behind Gap’s denim fits.

Since reality TV is so big right now, why not try this….right?

The ads promote Gap’s 1969 fall collection, with new styles and denim fits.
There will be a course of about 30 vignettes which covers the majority of the campaign, but will too be supported with print ads. The print advertisements can be found in magazines such as: Glamour, GQ, InStyle, People StyleWatch and Vogue.
Check out the first video:


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