Eco Friendly Packs for Snacks

Going green as we have said before is a common trend and becoming more and more popular. From the way things are made to their transportation every little part counts. Another company getting involved in the eco-friendly trend is Lactalis American Group. Lactalis American Group is the maker of Sorrento, President and other cheeses.

One of their brands, Precious cheese has a product called Precious Stickster snacks. This is their newest package to move to plant based packaging. The new packaging material was developed by Clear Lam Packaging Inc. using plant-based bioplastics derived from Natureworks Ingeopolylactic acid (PLA) along with ingredients that enhance performance.

According to Clear Lam Packaging, this new material, which is 50% plant-based, generates up to 35.2% fewer greenhouse gases and uses up to 36.8% less energy than the conventional petroleum-based materials it replaces. Lactalis made the packaging change as part of its corporate sustainability commitment. (source) Clear Lam produces the proprietary bio-based layer used in the film from pellets and additives, then that film is shipped to a Lactalis production facility where its Precious Sticksters products are packaged on horizontal form/fill/seal machines.

Early reports show the finished bags have a lower carbon footprint without losing production efficiencies or impacting product performance. High-speed sealing was a critical requirement. 

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