Ad campaigns

In school, it was all about the “rule of three” when it came to an advertising message. This rule explains that in order for a consumer to actively think about purchasing your product or service you have to hit them with the advertisement 3 different times. So an example would be TV commercial, magazine ad and a billboard. Do you think that is accurate?

I know for me personally I can see a commercial and think this it is hilarious. But, whether I pay attention to what the product is is another story. I may tell my friends about it and pull it up on you tube but that doesn’t necessarily make me want to go out and buy the product. Take a look at this ad.

I was laughing out loud when I was looking at the Top Viral Video Ad Campaigns on visiblemeasures but is it really fitting to Evian? If I received a mailer and saw a magazine ad in addition to the commercial (rule of 3) would it have the same “purchase your product” effect?
Not so sure.
Is that the idea though with this particular ad? The water cooler effect–just to stir up buzz? to entertain?

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