Hint of…

We were happy to be part of this new flavor exploration with our long standing friends at Campbell Soup Company. According to them, these new V8 varieties are the first new flavors since 2003!

They came to us for help and by the looks of it–we succeeded! New V8 Hint of Lime and V8 Hint of Black Pepper have hit the shelves. These new  juice varieties offer twists to the savory taste of V8 100% vegetable juice to fulfill people’s growing desire for more bold flavors. With new beverage tastes come new beverage packaging design!  Such a new venture took quite a bit of exploration. Due to the already established brand equity, our exploration for this design was a challenge. We had to stay within the already established guidelines but at the same time make these products stand out on shelf. With the help from our team, illustrators and marketing, we were able to come to the solution you see here. We introduced new colors, new bursts and of course new illustrations to the mix.

New V8 beverage packaging design

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