5 Designs We Love: Experiential Package Design

Experiential packaging involves the use of typography, color, imagery, and content to create a new environment and a truly unique experience for the consumer. By changing the way that clients interact with a product and making the experience more enjoyable, many companies have seen increased sales and more brand loyalty. Experiential packaging can serve as an effective sales tool by pulling the customer in.

In order to use this design strategy most effectively, the packaging should be visually appealing, memorable, and provide an experience for the prospective buyer, before they even get to the product. By creating a sensory experience for your consumers, you can connect with them on a more personal level. We have highlighted some of our favorite examples of successful experiential package design, which uniquely engage with their consumers and stand apart from the rest.


Black Forest Chocolate



The Black Forest Chocolate packaging goes beyond presenting chocolate as a present (which this packaging also accomplishes). By focusing on all five senses, the consumer can create their own environment entirely focused on the appreciation of chocolate. The package includes chocolate to eat, a chocolate candle to smell, and by placing the candle inside the packaging, the light shines out of the logo cutouts to create a forest in the room while the consumer is enjoying their chocolate.


La Vita Mini Oliva


This award-winning experiential design makes these small olive oil packages more intriguing and attractive to consumers. The individual packages are user-friendly, enticing, and are the perfect size for vending machines and counter sales. La Vita’s marketing team also offers design services to help businesses create a unique presentation stand to further boost sales and entice consumers.


Festina Profundo Dive Watch


What better way to advertise that these watches are waterproof than with this packaging? Berlin-based agency, Scholz & Friends, came up with the idea to pack the watch in a transparent bag filled with distilled water to prove that they are truly waterproof. After all, the company’s motto is “We believe in what we see”. By submerging the watch in water, it creates a visually appealing, shareable experience (and also makes for a unique gift).


Jose Cuervo


These limited edition Day of The Dead bottles feature a festive image that is reminiscent of tattoo art, which draws the consumer’s eye. The best part is that the color-changing bottles become more colorful and festive when the bottles are chilled, creating an experience for consumers. Khortytsa designed the bottles to connect with the millennial generation in order to increase sales both in store and in the bar/club scene.


Nike Air


To complement one of the most popular sneaker designs ever released, Berlin-based agency, Scholz & Friends, realized they would truly have to do something “outside of the box”. They packaged the shoes in an air-tight plastic bag to appear as if the sneakers were floating in air. It immediately grabs a buyer’s attention, is highly shareable advertising, and even helps reduce the risk of damage from shipping.

What are your favorite experiential package designs?

5 Designs We Love: Subscription Box Packaging

The subscription box industry has increased in popularity by 3,000% in the last three years, so subscriptions have upped their game when it comes to both the box’s contents and packaging. Strong subscription box packaging can inspire loyalty and add to the overall box experience. Along with standing out visually, each box must also take care to ensure that the contents will arrive at your door in perfect condition.

The outer packaging is the first thing that subscribers see when the box arrives (and while it sits outside of your door), so it’s crucial that the space is well utilized. In essence, it’s traveling ad space. Each of the boxes we have highlighted below has found a way to create unique, out-of-the-box packaging designs that help them stand apart from the rest.

Loot Crateloot-crate-march-2015-box00514-525x350Loot Crate features fun packaging, aimed at gamers, nerds, geeks, and techies. The packaging is different every month and is part of the fun. Some boxes feature a game board on the inside, some correlate with the box’s contents.

According to Chris Davis, CEO of Loot Crate: “We didn’t want to have just some generic shipping box – we wanted to create an emotional connection.” He stated that the packaging is “a direct reflection on our brand. It shows our attention to detail; it’s really cool and sleek-looking (black exterior and bright orange interior), and is a key part of what we do.” To encourage subscriber sharing, they “designed the box internally, and intentionally included ways for our subscribers to connect with us and with each other. The sides of our shipping box have Loot Crate hashtags, and we added a Konami code (probably one of the most memorable experiences for those of us that played Contra–or at least heard about it) on the bottom, as well as a QR code on the back. The codes take users to “secret” video and content.”

MantryScreen Shot 2016-09-22 at 5.51.48 PMMantry’s box for foodies designed their packaging to suit the modern man. The contents arrive in a wooden crate with the tops nailed shut. After prying open the box and enjoying the contents, the crate can then be repurposed later and suits basically any decor.

SvbscriptionRoAndCo_Svbscription_V1_01-1299-xxx_q85Svbscription-The-Green-Soccer-Journal-1Svbscription-W1-WomanEverything Svbscription does is revolved around style and design. The luxury subscription box includes their branding on almost everything included in the box. The typography, packaging, and logo design were created for the modern man by New York’s RoAndCo Studio. The contents inside are also geared towards those who appreciate design. RoAndCo explained that they “packaged the items in natural wooden crates, nailed them shut and wrapped them in brown kraft paper for shipping.” Each quarter, the packaging changes to fit the box’s theme and content.

GrazeScreen Shot 2016-09-22 at 5.01.54 PMGraze designed their packaging to tell a story. Shelly Huang, Head of Marketing at Graze, said that “the box is one part of the journey” and they take efforts to put a lot of “love and care” into the box and packaging. They use as little cardboard as possible for the outer packaging and the snacks are individually packaged in small sustainable containers. The recyclable packaging and containers can also be reused for different things (Graze suggests using them as bird feeders, herb planters, drawer separators, or arts and crafts organizers).

HelloFreshc700x420hello-fresh-december-2015-divider-720x540Tofu-ingredients-640x640HelloFresh sends individually wrapped, pre-measured ingredients in large square boxes. They are usually preserved with freezer packs and include recyclable packaging. The simple packaging includes stickers that can be viewed from all angles, stating which recipe the ingredients are intended for. The stickers are color coded to match the ingredients inside, so you can easily find what you need to prepare your meal. The outer packaging is intended to look nice and eye-catching in any fridge, while still preserving the ingredients inside for at least three days. The 2-piece box has a finger hole for easy opening and the lid can be used as a trash box while the bottom houses the ingredients.

Adrian Frenzel, Co-CEO of HelloFresh, said that “packaging is enabling.” They are constantly improving and testing their packaging, so that the ingredients arrive at your door in perfect condition every time. The packaging and boxes are even tested out on the exec’s wives, so they get firsthand input from busy moms.

5 Designs We Love: Natural Food Packaging

As more and more people realize the benefits of fueling their bodies with natural, organic food, more companies are also realizing they need to update their natural food packaging to better appeal to a mass audience. Each of the companies we have highlighted below has found a way to create unique, out-of-the-box packaging designs for the health-conscious consumer.


Harmonian offers natural food products with a radical line of elegant natural food packaging. When creating the packaging design, Harmonian wanted something that was as innovative as the products themselves. The packaging was designed by award-winning Greek design studio, mousegraphics, and is simple, but truly one-of-a-kind. They wanted to focus on using space in their design and took inspiration from Lucio Fontana’s Tagli (slash) pieces.

Gaeanatural food packaging

Gaea natural fruit bars take the unique visually striking packaging to the next level. The packaging for each fruit bar is simple, direct, and shows exactly which fruit you will be enjoying. And with only 4-6 natural ingredients in each bar, the fruit itself is the main selling point of the bar. Design studio mousegraphics was tasked with using a “strikingly minimalist” approach and took the packaging one step further by creating unique display stands, which can be punched out around the fruit.

Pipcornnatural food packaging

The unique Pipcorn packaging was designed by Noah Collin and Freddy Taylor. The organic, hulless popcorn is housed in simple hand-stamped paper bags that emphasize the homemade approach of Pipcorn. It was inspired by 1850’s wooden, hand painted signage and the traditional brown paper grocery bag.

Rahal Farms Organic Eggsnatural food packaging

Rahal Farms Organic Eggs are some of the best free-range farm fresh eggs you can get. To reflect the unmatched quality, they turned to Anderson Design Group for unique packaging that would not appear too “earthy”. They utilized colors, lettering, and etched illustrations to create an upscale vintage style design that wraps around the carton. Each carton also tells a story of how happy the chickens are to make consumers feel even better about what they’re eating. While the outer packaging is eye-catching, the egg carton itself is also carefully planned. The recycled carton features a bright teal color so that it can stand out on the shelf. The packaging is also made with recycled paper to further their natural approach.

Munk Packnatural food packaging

The Munk Pack packaging was designed by creative agency Motto. It is the first every ready-to-eat Oatmeal Fruit Squeeze, but the packaging still feels familiar enough to entice first-time customers. It can appeal to both children and adults with the colorful, simple packaging. The branding also focuses on the friendly icon, an adventurous chipmunk.


5 Designs We Love: Seasonal Branding for Halloween

Are you ready for Halloween? So are we. In anticipation of the holiday, we have covered some of our favorite Halloween seasonal branding and packaging designs.

1. Fanta

hp-1hp-2Fanta doesn’t need to change much for their Halloween seasonal branding and packaging. By simply adding spooky elements, like a haunted house and bats, they are able to create a Halloween theme in no time. The outer packaging can also be broken down to more easily dispense the drinks. After the drinks are gone, the box can be used to create a jack-o-lantern using the box and a night light or flashlight. This is the perfect way to attract both adults and children without spending much extra.

2. Lyle’s Black Treacle

hp-4 hp-5Lyle’s Black Treacle received a limited edition “Trick or Treacle” redesign from Design Bridge. The three tin designs can be lit from within to communicate with distinct personalities. The design agency faced the challenge of creating a Halloween design for adults that didn’t feel overly childish. What they created was a design that was so successful, they received the Dieline Package Design Awards for confectionary, snacks, and desserts. The limited edition Halloween packaging is designed to attract customers during an otherwise quiet time of year for the brand.

3. Godiva

hp-6hp-7Chocolate is the perfect gift at any time of year. Godiva has capitalized on this time of year with limited edition chocolate boxes. Along with the packaging updates, there are also limited edition flavor options during this candy-laden holiday. Godiva utilized the holiday to provide a candy for adults during a child’s day of fun.

4. Fruit By the Foot


Most children love Fruit By the Foot and the packaging is already perfectly marketed towards children. During the Halloween holiday season, they take it one step further with mummy, ghost, and Frankenstein themed mascots and seasonal branding. Not only does it make it more fun for children to eat, but it also encourages more people to give Fruit By the Foot as a treat during this time of year, as opposed to candy.

5. Oreo


Oreo took advantage of the orange and black themed holiday and changed their white filling to a bright orange color. They have also introduced flavors like Candy Corn and Pumpkin Spice to also usher in the holiday and fall season, but nothing remains as popular during October than the black and orange Oreos. The outer packaging also features traditional Halloween images and even the Oreo itself has Halloween designs imprinted into the cookie.

5 Designs We Love: Seasonal Packaging Designs for Fall

As we work our way deeper into the fall, there are many new fall seasonal packaging designs that beg to be noticed. We’ve highlighted 5 of our favorites below.

1. Essential Patch fd-3fd-4The Essential Patch rebrand was designed by Ratowsky Creative together with the Essential Patch team. The new brand identity, voice, and packaging makes the organic aromatherapy patches more eye-catching and approachable. With the fall season approaching, more people find themselves sick in the cold weather. These new essential oil patches can provide just the right treatment and because the branding isn’t too green or earthy, the vintage design makes them a conversation piece that more people are sure to choose over traditional medications. The new design was even recognized with the Dieline Package Design Awards in the health and beauty category.

2. The Tea Calendarfd-5 fd-7 fd-8The award-winning Tea Calendar packaging was designed by creative agency Kolle Rebbe. They transformed both the interior and exterior packaging to create something we have never seen before. It is the first tea calendar in the world to feature calendar days made from tea leaves. During the colder fall days, the calendar can keep you healthy and on track with 365 days of pressed tea. And with dissolving tea bags, there is much less waste than with traditional tea.

3. Bzzz Honey fd-9 fd-11With the fall season approaching, we will all be drinking more tea and honey to keep our health (and body temperature) up. Bzzz Honey was designed by Backstone Studio and offers a one-of-a-kind design that allows the customer to open the wooden hive at any point. The packaging received a number of design and advertising awards, including the Pentawards Gold Award, and is something packaging dreams are made of. The nature-inspired seasonal packaging design is the perfect compliment for the limited edition all-natural honey jars and can just as easily serve as a gift for a personal or business acquaintance.

4. Starbucksfd-1 fd-12No coffeehouse can quite match the overwhelming success of Starbucks. Starbucks also offers fall branding that is second to none. Many fans note that the unofficial first day of fall is the day Starbucks starts serving pumpkin spice lattes again. The coffeehouse has capitalized on the fact that people like to feel warm and cozy during the fall season. Along with introducing new drinks, coffee blends, and specials for the fall, Starbucks also completely changes their branding for the cooler days, featuring red cups, updated storefronts, and fall merchandise.

5. Bath & Body Worksfd-2 fd-14Bath & Body Works capitalizes on every season and particularly transforms their branding for fall. Everything from their seasonal packaging design and storefronts to the scents and product selections change by the season. Even the advertisements and website are updated by the season to get people in the spirit and make them more inclined to shop at Bath & Body Works.

5 Designs We Love: Drink Packaging Designs

This year has introduced a number of unique drink packaging designs that deserve to be noted. In this edition of 5 Designs We Love, we will highlight 5 of our favorites.

1. Ramlosa

Ramlosa Drink Packaging DesignRamlosa offers premium mineral waters. Stockholm-based design agency, Nine, designed the new low-cost packaging to replace the original glass design. They were tasked with creating a design with plastic materials that would still maintain the premium feel and aesthetic appeal of the glass bottles. Nine stated that “the premium feeling was achieved by creating a bottle that borrows form and shape from the world of old crystal glasses – but with the material that comes from a modern and much less premium world.” The new bottle also reduces the environmental impact and has even increased sales.


2. Water in a Box

Water in a Box Drink Packaging DesignWater in a Box is another company taking suit in reducing its environmental impact, while introducing a fresh, unique take on the “water bottle”. This drink packaging design features the simple, effective design by Designate. It relies on a simple water drop subliminally placed within the “R” and large “Water” type to convey the message. Each color is also associated with a different variation of the water, including spring water, orange and peach, strawberry, and lemon. The packaging is also made from renewable and responsibly sourced paperboard and is 100% recyclable.


3. Milk

New Milk Drink Packaging DesignEverything about this packaging is right. Visual Advice is the agency behind the creative new design. Their working model has the same dimensions as a two-liter milk carton and the agency said “it represents the content of the product in the simplest way, both through word and image.”


4. Juice Skins

Juice Skins Drink Packaging DesignDesigned by Naoto Fukasawa, this striking fruit juice packaging is currently only available in Japan, but we are hoping to see it in the states soon. The juice boxes have realistic fruit skin textures and appearance, providing a design that can’t be ignored.


5. Origami Tea Bags

DWL-6While not technically a drink packaging design, we had to highlight these tea bag designs on the periphery of the beverage category.  These tea bags are too well crafted to just leave in a cup and forget about. As the tea infuses, the bird appears and creates a little origami masterpiece. Designed by Nathalia Ponomareva, the origami tea bags require very little additional money to produce compared to a normal bag and have already found a following online.


5 Designs We Love: Elegant Candy Packaging

In today’s edition of 5 Designs We Love, we will cover 5 of our favorite candy packaging designs. Each of these designs proves that sometimes, the packaging can be the sweetest thing.

1. Petit Geste


Petit Plaisir is a type of Belgian chocolate sold in Barcelona and Madrid, which can’t be ignored. The pattern work for the Petit Geste line was created for the social initiative “5 Cellars, 5 Charity Projects”. It was designed by Barcelona design agency, Simple, using striking geometric shapes. The elaborate design is a work of art and provides yet another reason to buy a piece of chocolate.

2. Tingz


Peppersmith Tingz is a line of Xylitol-based chewing gum and mints that actually helps prevent tooth decay, especially in children. The unique product needed one-of-a-kind packaging and branding to help it further stand out in the marketplace. Designed by London-based design agency, B&B Studio, the new packaging for Tingz has resonated with children and adults alike. The branding is teethy and fun, allowing parents to easily sell their children on the idea of good-for-you candy. The fun branding also expands to shop counter displays, where the candy packets are taken out of the monsters’ mouths. The two hairy monsters have been named Bowie and Floyd and their stories can be tracked through an online storybook narrative, booklets, and other marketing campaigns.

3. Lapp & Fao Chocolate Books


Lapp & Fao created a series of chocolate books to better package their unique, adventurous flavors of chocolate. The packaging makes the set fun to eat and fun to gift. The line includes 15 different gourmet German chocolate bars, each wrapped in colorful card covers with intricate drawings and stories, making it more of a souvenir than a wrapper. The edges of the packaging are treated like a book spine, clearly displaying the brand’s logo in place of a book’s publisher. Each bar is designed to resemble a diary entry from Lapp and Fao’s travels around the world in search of the most delicious sweet delicacies. The effective packaging was designed by ONLYFORTHEFUTURE, with creative direction by Nils R. Zimmerman and illustrative detail by Andreas Klammt.

4. Coca Luxury Chocolates


Coca Luxury Chocolates features 12 unique chocolates, each with their own small boxes. Designed by Denmark design studio, Bessermachen, each chocolate features its own coloring, personality, appearance, branding, and character like “The Rebel”, “The King”, and “The Magician”. The packaging makes the chocolates more fun to eat and each one is designed to reflect your character and personality.

5. Cacao Monkey


The Cacao Monkey packaging features bright, colorful cutouts with the logo and type of chocolate spelled out in cutouts. The fictional brand of eco-conscious organic chocolate used the simplest graphic techniques, but created something unlike any other packaging designs. The bold packaging uses natural wrapping and minimal dyes to reduce its carbon footprint. The packaging was designed by Niamh Richardson, a visual communications student from the National College of Art and Design in Dublin.

5 Designs We Love: Sneakers

In this edition of 5 Designs We Love, we will highlight 5 of the most innovative designs in the world of sneakers.  Each of these designs has set the stage for future designs to come and have brilliantly set a trend that has endured the times.  As you are reading, note that each of these designs is unique and beautiful in its own right, but there is one important element that is present in each of the designs below: versatility.

1. Converse All Stars

Chuck Taylor Innovative Designs

Converse All Stars (also frequently referred to as “Chuck T.s” after Chuck Taylor’s famous endorsement) is a legendary shoe design has remained trendy throughout the generations.  The classic high-top and traditional designs are instantly recognizable are perhaps the most versatile sneaker in the history of sneakers… they have been customized with countless colors and styles over the years.  They are popular with a range of demographics, are worn with virtually any apparel combinations and are impossible to imitate or replace.

2. Nike SB Dunk

Nike SB Dunk Innovative Designs

The classic Nike SB Dunk is highly customizable.  In fact, the entire look and feel of the shoe can be transformed with simple changes in colors and shapes. These shoes became a cultural phenomenon and have continued to change and improve with the times. The classic Nike Swoosh is proudly displayed, making these instantly recognizable. This timeless design shows that one shoe can become so many different shoes by changing one simple element.

3. Nike Air Jordans

Air Jordan Innovative Designs

While we are on the subject of Nike, the Air Jordans are widely beloved by fans of then and now. When the first Air Jordans were released in 1985, they set a strong statement in sneaker design.  While the original Air Jordan is the only design that features the trademark Nike Swoosh, the lines that followed featured other memorable marks. The Air Jordan III featured the iconic Jumpman logo and was the first to feature Nike’s patented air sole window units.

4. Vans

Vans Innovative Designs

Vans has created a comfortable shoe and casual branding that have made it wildly popular with consumers who tend to be laid back. The colors and certain features are customizable, but the basic shape of Vans usually remains the same. Customers can now design their own Vans shoes for a truly unique pair of shoes.

5. Be & D

Be & D Innovative Designs

Be & D is the first of its kind and has set what will hopefully become an enduring trend: utilizing the shoe’s canvas. They have found a way to create a picture, story, or shoe within the shoe and this is a trend we hope will pick up.

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5 Designs We Love: Cereal Packaging

In this edition of 5 Designs We Love, we turn to one of the most memorable and fun categories of food packaging design, and one that we can all relate to: cereal!  As you will see, brand mascots are one of the most important themes that run through many cereal brand designs, and that is certainly the case with all of the brands that we highlight below.    In a grocery aisle of brightly covered boxes and designs, these 5 have been able to stand out amongst the rest.

1. Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes

Cereal and Food Packaging

Tony the Tiger has been the widely recognized cartoon mascot for Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes since 1951. Eugene Kolkey designed the mascot for a contest to create the brand’s mascot. Tony the Tiger was originally competing against three other potential mascots, but they were quickly eliminated as the public strongly preferred Tony. As times have changed, Tony has also changed to better appeal to today’s youth. Parents also still get those nostalgic feelings when they see the rebranded Frosted Flakes.

2. Lucky Charms

Cereal and Food Packaging

Lucky Charms has been a long standing favorite with customers of all ages for decades. From the friendly, inviting leprechaun to the brightly colored marshmallows, everything about this box makes you want to pick it up. The leprechaun and packaging have been redesigned a number of times over the years, but still maintains the same basic red and yellow packaging with the leprechaun mascot. Consistently new marshmellow shapes and editions are introduced to keep the brand feeling exciting and fresh.

3. Fresh & Easy Kids Cereals

Cereal and Food PackagingFresh & Easy has created a unique design for their new children’s cereals. The new packaging stretches beyond the normal box front and onto the flaps of the box to create a large animal or creature drawing. The characters are each eating a bowl of their favorite cereal to better attract children and encourage them to eat the new non-mainstream cereal. Designed by international design consultancy, P&W, the new cereals are able to stand out next to sugary cereals featuring bright cartoon characters that children already know and love.

4. Honey Nut Cheerios

Cereal and Food Packaging

After branding Cheerios with minimal packaging, Honey Nut Cheerios was a cheerful step in the right direction. There is no better mascot for a honey cereal than a bumblebee, which is what makes this branding so effective. The friendly bee, colorful packaging, and flavorful drop of honey packaging pulls both parents and children in. Notice how the glow from the design spreads all the way the edges of the box as if the box is being magically transformed. Honey Nut Cheerios remains one of the most popular cereals on American shelves. BuzzBee is aimed towards the 9 – 12 age group and throughout the branding initiatives, can be seen doing things that children around this age would also typically do, but the box not childish enough to scare away the older crowd.

5. Cap’n Crunch

Cereal and Food Packaging

Cap’n Crunch brilliantly chose a friendly captain as their mascot in 1963 and have maintained the same basic image over the years. Combined with the catchy slogan “Crunchatize Me Cap’n”, it made the perfect packaging, branding, and advertising. The bright box features a large image of the mascot enjoying his favorite cereal and inviting the consumer in for a flavorful adventure.


5 Designs We Love: Classic Nintendo Game Covers

In today’s edition of 5 Designs We Love, we will cover the 5 most iconic designs for classic Nintendo game covers.  Now, you might be wondering whether we are able to set aside our sentimental emotions for each of these games in order to truly judge the designs on their merits.  And our answer to that question?  Hell no.  We are happy to admit that these rankings are biased, and that our long history with these classics may have influenced our opinions.  That said, we think that these covers do truly stand out as not only groundbreaking designs in the category, but also designs that helped create a social phenomenon.   Hope you enjoy reading as much as we enjoyed writing it…

1. Super Mario Brothers 1

Super Mario Video Game Packaging

In the world of video game packaging and design, its hard to imagine a more iconic property than Super Mario Brothers.  While the “look and feel” of this cover design wasn’t the first of its kind, it left one of the greatest impressions with fans. The same style was used on other popular classic game covers, like Duck Hunt and Donkey Kong, linking the classic games together. Released to North America in 1985, Super Mario Bros. has been repackaged many times over the years. However, the original North American box art is what most people recognize today.

2. Super Mario Brothers 3

Super Mario Video Game Packaging

While Super Mario Brothers 1 set the standards for video games of its time,  Super Mario Bros. 3 took on a life of its own. The updated cover showed players what they were in for and depicts Mario with the new “Super Leaf” flying powers. Introduced to the United States in 1990, the cover was significantly brighter, bolder, and cleaner than its predecessors. The use of a bold minimal yellow behind Mario created simplicity and mystery at the same time.

3. The Legend of Zelda

Legend of Zelda Video Game Packaging

The Legend of Zelda stood apart from the rest by doing what others hadn’t yet – branding the cartridge. Along with the bright gold label, Zelda also featured a gold-colored cartridge by cutting away a small portion of the box. The gold cartridge made it easily distinguishable from the rest and ensured that fans could easily find their favorite game amongst their pile of video games. Released in North America in 1987, the tremendously popular game has sold over 6.5 million copies, making it a bestseller for Nintendo.

4. Tetris

Tetris Video Game Packaging

The Tetris cover perfectly illustrates what the game is about and draws players in from the onset. Released in 1984, the game was designed and programmed by Alexey Pajitnov while he was working for the Dorodnicym Computing Centre of the Academy of Science of the USSR in Moscow.

5. Gradius


Gradius is a horizontal scrolling “shoot’em up game” produced by Konami, and originally released as a coin-operated arcade game in 1985.  The cover art for the game really struck us – its a very compelling illustration of a fantasy space world that is intended to sell the excitement and depth of the game itself.  That said, there is only one problem: the graphics look nothing like the cover art.   This exciting illustration style reminds us of the cover art for many of the old Atari games… super realistic illustrations to depict unrealistic and pixelated video games.  In any event, very pretty and enticing art that is worth highlighting.